Lexi Lou

Don’t hate Lexi because she’s gorgeous, super-talented, rich as fuck, and smart as a whip.

But many women understandably feel jealous of Lexi’s beauty and accomplishments. That is, until they realize... Lexi is not on any “high horse,” but is actually down to earth and one of them. And thanks to Lexi, women around the world are following her teachings to become rich beyond their wildest dreams. So, how did Lexi develop such wisdom beyond her years that’s helped thousands of women achieve great wealth and happiness? Through firsthand experience, which is the best teacher of all.

You see, Lexi wasn’t born with a silver spoon in her mouth.

She worked her ass off to get where she is today. After finding herself destitute and homeless many years ago, Lexi found the willpower and inner strength to transform her bleak situation into remarkable success. For a while, she enjoyed a rewarding career in fashion, fitness and retail, and even became a fashion model. But Lexi developed a passion for dancing, and as a result of her incredible talent, she quickly became one of the most successful and highest paid strippers in the world. Lexi adored dancing in top venues around the globe, which give her the unique opportunity to immerse herself in many different cultures. She developed a huge following and was one of the most in-demand dancers on the international circuit, leading to scores of loyal clients. As word spread about her amazing talent, she became highly sought after by celebrities, A-listers, and other wealthy and influential individuals.

But eventually, living the high life wasn’t rewarding enough for Lexi.

So, after spending a decade on the stripper pole, Lexi switched gears and began mentoring and studying with the most highly respected motivational and self-development experts, such as Tony Robbins, Peter Sage, Robert Caldini, Ken Blanchard, Napoleon Hill, Dale Carneige, Louise Van der Veld, and many others. She also began practising meditation and creative visualisation. Today, Lexi is one of the most successful women entrepreneurs and motivational teachers in the stripping industry. Lexi creates businesses that strive to serve, entertain and inspire others in industries such as beauty, entertainment, events, exotic dancing, education, and more.

She loves travelling around the world as an international speaker to inspire and motivate others.

She’s also had sex on the Inca trail at Machu Picchu, played golf on Mt. Everest, scored a goal at the Real Madrid football stadium against their goal keeper, done a naked bungee jump, climbed Table Mountain, and every now and then jumps out of an airplane. In 2013 alone, Lexi visited an astonishing 155 airports, 35 cities and 19 different countries! Lexi’s latest venture is The Professional Stripper System, which teaches, motivate and inspires professional dancers to develop a positive mindset and become top earners, so they can enjoy a higher quality of life with financial independence. An avid reader and music lover, Lexi adores spending time with her fiancé and soul mate, playing with her Persian cat, Jasmine, and shopping for shoes.